Joe Slovo Primary School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


In 2008, Rose Heggie visited Joe Slovo Primary school in South Africa, and upon seeing the conditions that the nursery age children were being schooled in,  with a lack of facilities or even a room to use decided to help by committing monies raised at Claremont through various fundraising activities. In December 2011 the school received a container for the nursery children to use as a classroom, but it had no roof and was unusable.

Our donation has enabled a roof to be built over the unit and now the children have a room they can safely use for learning.



 Rose returned to see the completed roof in March this Year, and was able to setup a feeding project for 150 4 to 5 yr olds to give them a nutritious breakfast (essential fortified porridge with vitamins and minerals) on every morning they attend school. This requires an ongoing commitment of £80 per month.



We would like to thank all Parents for their past support and we ask for your continued support towards our fundraising activities.


To see a video of the Joe Slovo Children singing to the Claremont Children - click here


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